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Retailer FAQ

Relish Kitchen store, located in downtown Sheboygan WI, introduced NUCU in March of 2018 and has already sold 40% of their opening order. We sat down with store owner Jane Davis-Wood to understand why she, and other store owners like her, made the decision to take on NUCU.

Q: Why did you make the business decision to introduce NUCU?

JDW: “The quality of NUCU cookware is beyond anything we’ve ever seen. Every design detail was considered, from the hand finishing to the rivets. Even the lids are thoughtfully designed to balance perfectly on a sauce pan’s edge.”

“Vollrath’s history and NUCU’s thoughtful development makes us feel confident that we’ve made a smart investment. If a customer is going to invest in high-quality cookware, it needs to last forever. NUCU is a legacy cookware line—when the customer takes care of it, it will last for decades and be passed on to future generations.”

Q: How does our direct relationship benefit you, and how is this different than other vendors?

JDW: “We have been able to build a collaborative relationship with the NUCU team. We can talk about what’s working in the assortment and easily make changes if needed. It’s also quite easy to pick up the phone and replenish our inventory.”

Q: What resources & processes have contributed to your success with NUCU?

JDW: “We had the opportunity to visit Vollrath’s manufacturing facility in Sheboygan and learn the history of the Company, how NUCU product is made, and the finer points of metallurgy. Cooking with the pans ourselves and testing their quality has allowed for my staff to believe in the product and feel empowered to recommend it to our customers.”

Q: What about the product sets it apart?

JDW: “The handle is a strong selling point; it’s long, stays cool, and is perfectly balanced so that you always feel like you have control over the pan. Additionally, the superior heat conductivity of the 5-ply material produces premium results.”

Q: What is your main focus when introducing a new cookware line?

JDW: “Our customers choose us because we educate them and provide all touch points needed to make a purchasing decision. NUCU is not an inexpensive line, and our customers need to know that they’re making the right investment. It’s important for customers to know and understand Vollrath’s history, how/where the cookware is made, and how to properly take care of it. Vollrath’s evolution into consumer goods is influential information for our customers. Although NUCU is a new brand name, the quality and value behind the Vollrath brand speaks volumes to the expected longevity of the NUCU product.”